• Irondequoit Country Club (map)
  • 4045 East Ave
  • Rochester, NY, 14618
  • United States

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Morning Session 9:00-11:00a.m.

GFC-001 Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™ 1.0 Fundamentals

Learning Objective: Raise awareness of the impact of emotions in the workplace, to both harness constructive and transform disruptive emotions by employing proven tools and techniques.

Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™ (EIW 101) is a newly-expanded version of our previously offered Taste of Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™.  EIW 101 now provides six tools and two new topics that can be applied to stay grounded and focused in the most challenging situations. It’s an ideal opportunity for business professionals and leaders to improve their effectiveness in creating and sustaining relationships with colleagues, staff, and customers. This three-hour program introduces a well-known Emotional Intelligence model, engages the group to look deeper at inherent reactions and response choices while providing telling, memorable & effective listening exercises. Participants also explore the incredible return on investment of trusted individual and team relationships.

Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™ is the first in a series of interactive and experiential programs designed to improve workplace satisfaction, engagement, individual and team dynamics, and relationships in order to maximize overall effectiveness. EIW 101 is a prerequisite for our transformative, multi-day program, EIW 301: Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™ Immersion. 

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Lunch Session 11:30-1:30p.m.

GFC-015 Building a Conscious Business

Creating a Conscious Organization is a growing global movement focused on a business philosophy that has four key tenets: Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation; Conscious Leadership, and Conscious Culture. Companies that employ these principles with sound business practices create more sustainability, greater financial and societal wealth, more fulfilled employees, happy and loyal customers, innovative and profitable suppliers, and thriving communities.

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Afternoon Session 2:00-5:00p.m.

GFC-017 Navigating Change

Proactive & Engaging Change Management explores the different types of change, builds understanding for the typical reactions associated with change and ‘transitions,’ introduces a proven change model, and provides a thoughtful tool for comprehensive change planning. This session brings to life the fundamentals of Bridges’ ‘Transitions’ theory and Kotter’s Heart of Change, mixed with Daniel Pink’s research on motivation. 

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Networking: 5:00-6:00p.m.