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GF-001 Concepts of Building a Conscious Business

The Conscious Business model is a powerful and sustainable model that cuts costs, improves employee engagement, reduces turnover and leads to long term wins on many tactical and strategic fronts. This session helps you to learn and understand the dynamic power of the basic tents and concepts of a Conscious Business as well as the macro economic and social dynamics driving this worldwide movement. Also highlighted are the financial, marketing and employee impacts of implementing this type of architectural strategy. Additionally covered are the skills and organizational alignment strategies and tactics needed for implementation.

This program utilizes information from the primary research of Dr. Raj Sisodia use in the book, ‘Conscious Capitalism’ by Dr. Raj Sisodia and John Mackey. 

GF-002 Practical Leadership (the Star) Leadership Model

The tenets of Conscious Capitalism are powerful. This system enables actualization of the Conscious Capitalism tents. This easy to implement, practical system builds intrinsic employee motivation and engagement as well as clear operational results.

Widely used to motivate teams, put them on success tracks achieving extremely positive results. One business owner has doubled his operational income each year now for three years in a row. Another achieved a 350% increase in measured productivity. 

GF-011 Strategic Plan Development

With Penn State University, we built a workable approach to Strategic Planning. Using research tools, planning sessions, and feedback, you will be involved in a process of understanding your organization, your market, your customers, and your short- & long-term prospects. This quite plainly gives you the ability to determine where to put your energy, prioritize your activities, and build clear direction for the future.