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GF-001 Concepts of Building a Conscious Business

The Conscious Business model is a powerful and sustainable model that cuts costs, improves employee engagement, reduces turnover and leads to long term wins on many tactical and strategic fronts. This session helps you to learn and understand the dynamic power of the basic tents and concepts of a Conscious Business as well as the macro economic and social dynamics driving this worldwide movement. Also highlighted are the financial, marketing and employee impacts of implementing this type of architectural strategy. Additionally covered are the skills and organizational alignment strategies and tactics needed for implementation.

This program utilizes information from the primary research of Dr. Raj Sisodia use in the book, ‘Conscious Capitalism’ by Dr. Raj Sisodia and John Mackey. 

GF-002 Practical Leadership (the Star) Leadership Model

The tenets of Conscious Capitalism are powerful. This system enables actualization of the Conscious Capitalism tents. This easy to implement, practical system builds intrinsic employee motivation and engagement as well as clear operational results.

Widely used to motivate teams, put them on success tracks achieving extremely positive results. One business owner has doubled his operational income each year now for three years in a row. Another achieved a 350% increase in measured productivity. 

GF-003 Transformational Leadership Development - Powerfully Conscious Leaders

Leadership programs fail to deliver the long term transformational change needed create leaders. It’s a problem of description versus prescription and depth.

The ALP gets to the deeper “why” by uncovering fears and beliefs that drive motivations and behaviors and delivers a prescriptive process to achieve transformational results. This enables true self-awareness, which is required for self-actualization. The ALP opens eyes, sets fears objectively on the table in a non-threatening manner and disarms the issues so they may be addressed. Attendees act on clear, observable, measurable behaviors and then see and experience results. 

EIW 301 Emotional Intelligence AT WORK

Thirty-hours over 2 half-days and 2 full days, a highly experiential and interactive immersion program, includes creation of a 60-day EI development plan, 2 post-program individual coaching calls, a 4-hour ‘Reality Check’ progress validation & group coaching session, plus 2 individual coaching sessions. Includes meals and program materials.

This Immersion level program includes uniquely powerful hands-on integration experiences that revitalize and reinforce professional passion and drive, and explores the often-untapped emotional core of effective professional relationships, individual and team leadership.

Learn tools and techniques to stay grounded and focused in the most challenging situations. Translate your passion for business into greater effectiveness, productivity, and success.

Prerequisite: EIW 1.0 Fundamentals

GF-005 Proactive and Engaging Change Management

Proactive and engaging change management is critical to success. The typical ‘command and control’ management style for change simply will not work any longer.

Understanding the natural process a group will follow and how to work with each phase of the process allows for a smoother transition. Most of all, it enables you to find, nurture and call upon the powerful intrinsic and natural motivations of your team. This program brings to life the fundamentals of Bridges’ ‘Transitions’ theory and Kotter’s ‘Heart of Change’ mixed with Daniel Pink’s research on motivation. 

GF-006 Effective Listening

This workshop explores your style and makes you aware of others so you can more effectively listen and understand others. Who can use this program? This program is designed for anyone who works on a team or one-on-one with others. You can use the skills you learn the day you leave. 

GF-007 Understanding and Managing Needs with FIRO-B

Understanding our needs gives us insight to interpersonal behaviors, conflict, comfort and anxiety zones and more. All of these areas impact your ability and your team’s ability to be effective. Designed to teach you where in each of these areas you lie, compare with others and teach the skills to effectively manage the differences.

GF-008 Giving and Getting Constructive Feedback

Feedback is a very effective force in guiding behavior for people and helps achieve goals. It can also be very destructive. Learn about emotional buy-in to feedback, how to plan for delivering it and how to cope with the results so they are positive.

GF-009 Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MTBI) Step I and Step II

Taking the MBTI inventory and receiving feedback will help you identify unique gifts. The information enhances understanding of yourself, your motivations, natural strengths and potential areas for growth. It will also help you appreciate people who differ from you. Understanding your MBTI type is self-affirming and encourages cooperation with others. 

GF-010 Running Effective Meetings

One of the most effective methods of working together and sharing information, making change, and getting things done is the “meeting.” One of the biggest time wasters in the world is the “meeting.” There are few things more frustrating than ineffective meetings; they reduce morale, undermine loyalty, are expensive, and cause general havoc. Well-run meetings can lift a team, set a clear strategy, lead organizations to success, and make the team members feel like winners. 

GF-011 Strategic Plan Development

With Penn State University, we built a workable approach to Strategic Planning. Using research tools, planning sessions, and feedback, you will be involved in a process of understanding your organization, your market, your customers, and your short- & long-term prospects. This quite plainly gives you the ability to determine where to put your energy, prioritize your activities, and build clear direction for the future.

GF-012 Conscious Leadership 360 Degree Assessments

Getting constructive, unbiased feedback is a gift. A gift that many of us do not receive. The 360 survey process solicits feedback from the wide spectrum of people you work with and is aligned with the Actualized Leader Profile. The program is designed for experienced people who have worked through the rigors of professional life. 

GF-013 Time Management

Effective Time Management is about creating and managing priorities. In the knowledge worker age, managing those priorities on a team. The imperative is to understand our approach and the approach of others and then agree to principles. The participant develops the skills necessary to work with teams consisting of different approaches to manage time and set priorities. 

GF-015 The Power of a Positive No

The most powerful word in the English language, and possibly on earth is 'No.'

Understanding the dynamics involved, and how to create a more positive outcome for everyone involved in today's day and age, is as important as being able to use e-mail. Our ability to find a greater ‘Yes’ amongst humanity is essential for us to grow, compete, and thrive. This course teaches the art of strategic communication, conflict resolution and how to effectively work in a high stress, fast paced environment where significant change, negotiation and powerful dynamics are present.